Link Nurseries, based in Wocestershire, is well-known for it’s community-focused attitude, providing therapeutic activities and vocational services for people recovering from physical and/or mental health issues, along with plant and produce sales.

By Stuart Bryan

For all its appearance of a typical nursery, Link Nursery is far from ordinary.

Since reopening in 2016, the Nursery has been operating as a horticultural therapy project by the Warwickshire College Group and run under the passionate guidance of manager Phil Woodhead.

Situated in Powick, the NHS had previously run the Nursery, but when funding dried up the WCG took over. Up until recently when an apprentice started, Phil had been the only paid employee, and so relied heavily on Occupational Therapy students, volunteers, and clients to share the workload out. This sense of collaboration and shared ownership leads to what Phil describes as, ‘We are one big family.’

Anyone can attend the Nursery, but the emphasis is on people who are experiencing ill health and challenging social situations. One such person is Trevor Williams, who has attended the nursery for a year since being discharged from hospital with anxiety and depression. Trevor, who travels in two or three times a week from Worcester, was busy in the poly tunnel when I met him.  ‘I’ve always enjoyed gardening and being outdoors and it has helped to meet new people and learn new skills’, explains Trevor.

"We are one big family." 

Insulating the Summer House is Kevin Leach, who enjoys similar benefits to Trevor by attending the nursery. ‘I love it here’, says Kevin, who has recently been diagnosed with dementia. ‘It gives me a break from my house and everyone here walks away feeling better by being in nature.’

Being outside and in nature is the key to horticultural therapy as Phil explains: "People come here and forget about their worries. They hear the birds and escape from the hustle and bustle."

If people do need some even quieter time, nestled in the corner of the Nursery is a designated ‘Quiet Garden’ for rest and reflection.

Much of the outside space at Link Nurseries is taken up by boxes, which are divided into 16 sections - each growing a different vegetable or flower. This constitutes the ‘Well Bean Gardening Club’ and runs alongside other groups for veterans, stroke victims, and residents at a school for Autism. A Flower and Plant Painting Club is also available.

Link Nurseries is a special place where you can grow friendships, new skills, and confidence - as well as fresh produce!

If you are interested in attending or supporting the Well Bean Gardening Club please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01905 831881.

Hamilton Close, off Hospital Lane, Powick, WR2 4NH

Open Mon to Sat 9.30 – 5.00  Sun 10.00 – 4.00.

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