Concerned about your children's dental care, or looking for Denplan discounts? Paul Lowe Dentistry, based in Solihull, is the Practice for you. As both a general family dentistry and specialists in cosmetic procedures and treatments, our Practice caters to all. Whether you require consultations and advice, general dentistry, teeth whitening or dental implants, Paul Lowe Dentistry guarantees outstanding results for our clients.



We believe that everyone should enjoy excellent oral health. 

Here at Paul Lowe Dentistry, we want you to experience the remarkable benefits to health and well-being that first class dental care can deliver. We also want you to enjoy a welcoming environment, which combines friendly, personal service with the professional expertise of a highly accomplished dental practice. 

 A long-established family Practice

Paul Lowe grew up locally and, after graduating from Newcastle Dental School, worked in hospitals and general practices in London and the south followed by a year in New Zealand before returning to the area to help establish the Practice in 1988. He obtained as Masters degree in Dental Implantology in 2005 and is recognised as a specialist in oral surgery by the General Dental Council.  In addition to working at the Practice, Paul is a clinical lecturer at Birmingham University and an oral surgeon at Birmingham Dental Hospital.

As a practice we provide a full range of modern dentistry except orthodontics (we work with excellent local orthodontic practices), including dental implants.  

It’s never too soon (or too late!) to have good dental habits!

We pride ourselves on the overall health of our patients’ mouths and, in particular, the excellent condition of our children’s teeth.  Too many adults can remember bad dental experiences when they were young but modern dentistry should confine such times to the past. Furthermore, fluoridation of the water supply in our area gives children a kick-start towards having great teeth.  However, there is no room for complacency; tooth decay is still the main reason for hospital admissions for children, with nearly 41,000 operations being performed to remove teeth from children and teenagers in the UK last year.

Tooth decay occurs when the hard protective outer coating of the teeth, the enamel, is dissolved by acid formed by bacteria in the mouth after eating or drinking anything containing sugar.  Teeth may also be attacked directly by naturally acidic drinks, such as fruit juices, or any fizzy beverage.  Signs of decay in the primary, or milk teeth is a warning sign that should be acted upon at the earliest opportunity and certainly before the permanent teeth come through.

We recommend that children should come to us with their parents as soon as possible to ensure that there are no problems and that correct advice is given, when appropriate. Early visits also enable your child to gain familiarity and confidence with the dental team and their surroundings.

Our Practice is preventative-based around a team of friendly dentists and dental hygienists.  We will give the most up to date advice regarding home care and diet to help ensure that you and your family have the highest level of oral health with the aim of keeping teeth for life. 


We believe that everyone should enjoy good oral health!

As a Denplan-registered practice we offer a number of Plans to enable individuals and families to budget for their dental care. Children registered under Denplan see a dental hygienist or therapist for preventative care and a family discount of up to 15% is available.  

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