The New Superpath® Hip is super quick! An advanced technique for hip replacement being offered by innovative surgeons at Nuffield Health in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, means that patients recover much more quickly, with less pain, a much smaller scar and a lower risk of infection.

The Superpath® technique means that “minimally invasive” surgery has been applied to hip replacement with remarkable results and at very little extra cost. 

SuperPath® Hip Replacement is a total hip technique being performed by a growing number of trained surgeons worldwide. In the UK the number of trained surgeons is currently low. Both Mr Michael Cronin and Mr Mohammad Faisal, Superpath® hip surgeons work privately at Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital, a leading centre in the specialist treatment of bones and joints. Mr Michael Cronin was the first UK surgeon to undertake the new procedure and one of the first in Europe.

Mr Michael Cronin, who has performed over 200 hip operations this way, explains, “With SuperPath®, there is no surgical dislocation of the hip normally required to insert the new implant and so there is little trauma to the surrounding muscles and tendons. With this new surgical technique, we make a small cut and build the implant inside the body, so the hip is not twisted into unnatural positions during surgery – a common element to many other hip procedures. Using SuperPath® Hip Replacement, no muscles are cut during the procedure. It is technically demanding but better for the patient and their rapid recovery in several aspects. For example, whereas hip replacement patients are normally advised to wait six weeks before driving, with this less invasive operation they can often drive safely after three weeks. Generally they can get going faster after surgery without any risk to the new implant ”.

Mr Mohammad Faisal, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, agrees, “Minimally invasive hip replacement does not only mean a shorter skin incision, but also sparing critical muscles and tendons surrounding the hip. It is the sparing of this underlying soft tissue which means less pain and allows patients to get back on their feet within days, sometimes possibly hours. A number of patients who have undergone the SuperPath® procedure are able to walk unassisted the day after surgery. They can bend and twist more easily afterwards, climb stairs and usually leave hospital sooner and walk free of crutches earlier”.

Case Studies

Patient Vida Nartey had good reason to get her hip replaced with the SuperPath® technique in May 2017 and is thrilled with the outcome. Having limped for nearly 10 years, the 45 year old fitness trainer in Cannock, has set a September date for her wedding and wanted to be able to walk smoothly down the aisle in heels and dance after her nuptials. 

Active Granny, Jessica Williams, suffered for 15 years before researching the best treatment, had both her hips replaced with the SuperPath® technique. Now at 70 she can cycle, garden, go walking and perform all activities pain free.

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