Pledge music is all about connecting artists and fans that reach’s beyond a download or CD/Vinyl sale.

Through Pledge Music Artists promote and offer the opportunity for unique experiences, offering limited edition collectables and concert passes, all for your favourite artists, using a platform for artists to engage with their fans, within a tight community that understands and appreciates the love of music. Many artists who are currently run campaigns with Pledge Music, including Robbie Williams, Jethro Tull, Nelly Furtado, Papa Roach and Status Quo.

UB40 are currently in the process of recording their next studio album through Pledge Music, where they will be sharing the journey with fans from start to finish. UB40 first formed in the dole que in 1978, where the multiracial line up reflected on the working class community that they came from. The band combined their street credibility with political topics, that appealed to the youth and from fans of the waning 2 Tone ska revival movement.

The new album is available on pre-order and UB40 will be offering limited number of signed copies on CD, as well as the Deluxe Dub Edition. 

When pre-ordering your copy of the album through PledgeMusic, pledgers will also gain access to a wide range of exclusive information on UB40, including future recording updates, bonus content, video clips and much more.

UB40’s band member Earl Falconer has also recently revealed two of the tracks featured on the album, including a song called “What Happened to UB40”, which as you can guess talks about members leaving the band. To find out more you can head to for exclusive, behind the scenes information from the band themselves, where you can follow their progress.

There will also be a new range of new merchandise available leading up to the album release date in 2017.


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