This month we had to catch up with Singer and Songwriter Jess Morgan ahead of her UK Tour, set to take place in Birmingham in April.

Cornfield Magazines, Content Editor, Charlie O’Neill had chance to catch up with Jess Morgan ahead of her UK Tour. Jess will be coming to Birmingham with her tour ‘Edison Gloriette’ on Sunday 23rd April in Birmingham.

1. Have you had a good start to 2017? Do you have any New Year Resolutions?

I thought it would be good to stop eating peanut butter from the jar. It's a guilty pleasure but super calorific and let’s face it, it's kind of gross!

2. Are you looking forward to starting off your tour in February?

Definitely. I always like getting back out on the road after the Christmas break. That feeling of things beginning again after a chance to take stock is always nice.

3. Tell me a little bit about your album Edison Gloriette? Are you looking forward to the launch in April?

Yes, I’m really looking forward to it. I'm really proud of these eleven songs and everything that went into making this record.

4. You’re a bit of a storyteller with your songs? Where do you get your inspiration from when writing?

All sorts of places really! I think of the songwriter part of my brain as a bit of a filing cabinet - for places, people, words, sounds, colours and tales. I have a good memory for places, especially, and I seem to take places in without really knowing I'm doing it. When the right bit of music comes along, quite often the next thing that happens is, it will call up an image of a place and I'll go from there. 

5. Who are your music idols?

I'm pretty eclectic with music I enjoy. I'm not too fussy and I'll enjoy a fantastic pop song as much as a wordless soundscape. The music I really love though usually comes from singer-songwriters. I really like it when writers keep that lone, stark sound in their recordings, sometimes too - like Tom Waits, James Taylor, Billy Bragg, Anais Mitchell...

6. When not writing in the studio or performing, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Any other hobbies?

I'm a pretty keen runner - and I like to get out three or four times a week. It gives me a bit of headspace - and it’s free. I also really like getting out and seeing things happen in my home city - Norwich. There's always something going on... or some new place that’s opened up. 

7. Who’s currently on your playlist?

I got a bit addicted to that Christine and The Queens album - so have had to give that a rest for a while. I got back into Roxy Music around Christmas time too. Last night I was just trying to get some reading done, so I listened to the soundtrack/score to the film 'Brooklyn' which is beautiful - as is the film, in every possible way. 

8. You worked on your album in Norway & are on a Norwegian label? What do you love the most about Norway?

I have great friends there. But after that, I think it would have to be the colours. I love looking out of a window in the morning and seeing - even if through a mist of Bergen rain - a red house, a yellow house, a blue house, a green house - and more. 

9. Any future projects in the pipeline once your UK tour is over?

I'm hoping to organise a tour in Canada at some point in the second half of the year. I'm also going to be out on the road with Dan Whitehouse doing a string of double-header dates and playing on each other’s songs a little. Dan is a great musician and a wonderful person. I sang on his album when he recorded it last year up in Glasgow. I'm looking forward to joining him on the road. 

10. Your proudest achievement so far?

Probably making this album. I think it's the best thing I've done!

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Tour Dates

Wednesday 1st Feb - AMA showcase, Hackney – venue TBC

Sunday 5th Feb – The Hive, Shrewsbury

Monday 6th Feb – The Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford

Thursday 23rd March – The Burston Crown

Friday 24th March – Portico, Lincoln

Friday 31st March – The Courthouse, Thirsk

Thursday 13th April – Loughton Folk Club

Saturday 15th April – Record Store Day performance – Relevant Records, Cambridge

Saturday 22nd April – Elmsie House, Malvern

Sunday 23rd April – Nights at the Circus, Birmingham

Sunday 30th April – Big Session Festival, Buxton

Thursday 4th May – Cuffern Manor, Pembrokeshire

Saturday 13th May – Hebden Bridge Roots Festival



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