Take a look at our latest interview where we had the chance to catch up with Martika, ahead of the ‘80’s Invasion’ tour, which kicks off in March. 

Due to overwhelming public demand after this year’s hugely successful run, the ‘80’s Invasion’ tour is back in 2017 with four iconic artists from the decade performing on the same bill. For the first time performing in the UK in over 25 years, and flying in especially from the USA, the gorgeous Martika will be performing alongside Paul Young - one of the most popular solo artists from the era, legendary pop punk princess Toyah and Liverpool’s finest guitar duo China Crisis! The tour takes in 15 dates and starts on 2nd March at Leicester’s De Montfort Hall, culminating on 19th March at Liverpool’s Philharmonic, with London’s Indigo2 on 16th March.

We even had the chance to catch up with Martika ahead of the Tour…

1. Firstly Happy New Year! How have you been and how did you spend your Christmas?

Happy New Year! I'm doing well thank you. I spent my Christmas at home and enjoyed the holiday with my husband.

2. I understand you are touring the 80’s invasion tour? Tell me a bit more about your involvement within the show?

Tony and Bennie (TDP Productions) reached out to my management and requested me to be on the tour. I was touring Australia while we were working out the details. Once it was in place it became a reality that I would be coming to the UK after two decades and I can't thank Tony, Bennie and my management enough for putting this together.

3. How have rehearsals been going for the show & how has it been working with Toyah Willcox, Paul Young and China Crisis?

I am in the US right now so I have been working on my show here and coordinating with the Musical Director in the UK. Lots of dance classes and vocal exercises, I like to bring it! ;)

4. What are your fondest memories of the 80s and the music produced then?

That's a hard one...I guess it would be the initial shock of hearing Casey Kasem announce that the song "Toy Soldiers" was number one on the Billboard Charts. I loved singing along to my favourite artists, and performing their music on the Kids Incorporated (Disney Show).

5. You were involved in the showbiz world from a young age? How has the industry changed over the years?

I started as a child and I have watched our business implode and now it is starting to find it’s way again. The new model of "gifting" music is very different to me since there is no other business where you would put an inordinate amount of time, effort and resources and then give it away. Streaming Fees and the like are so low right now and revenue streams for up and coming acts are hard to come by, so It's difficult to plan for financial gains, like you could dream about in the 80's-90's. 

6. Are you currently working on any new material or a new album? Any new projects in the pipeline?

I kick around material, but I'm a gigantic procrastinator and my own worst critic, so I shelve material because I decide I could do it better or differently. One day I might put a full round of songs together and put that statement out there.

7. Apart from making music, what other things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have been learning about sustainable gardening and I never thought I would enjoy it so much. I'm not good at it yet, but I'm working on it! I love to go the movies (3D is best) and I have taken up cycling.

8. Do you live in America? How is it different being in the UK? 

Yes I live in America. The architecture is so different and the atmosphere is different because of different trees, moss and dirt, to clay ratios. I love the feeling of landing in the UK and riding from the airport to the hotel. You know you are in another country and that's always exciting.

9. Eminem used a sample of your track ‘Toy Soldiers’. What was your reaction to hearing the news of Eminem using the sample?

When his production company called, we thought it was someone pranking us. We actually asked for their number to call back just to verify it was real.

10. What kind of music do you listen to now and who are your favourite up and coming musicians that you have been listening to of recent?

I listen to everything! I can go from Fetty to Ariana to vintage Aerosmith to Barbara Streisand to Bach.

11. How do you keep yourself focussed and motivated when touring?

Putting on the best show for the fans keeps me motivated.

12. Are you a fan of using social media and do you think it has helped the industry in a positive way?

I use social media a lot and it has been a huge help to every single artist, because it has allowed people to take control of their musical destiny.

The 80’s Invasion Tour 2017 featuring Paul Young, Martika, Toyah and China Crisis takes in 15 dates and starts on 2nd March at Rhyl’s Pavilion, culminating on 19th March at Liverpool’s Philharmonic, with London’s Indigo2 on 16th March. To buy tickets, please go to www.tdpromo.com



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