Ahead of The Three Degrees’ appearance at Resorts World Arena for ‘40 Years of Disco 2’, Valerie Holiday chats to Evie Kissack about her excitement for the coming together of legendary disco acts! 

After the huge success of the 2018 ‘40 Years Of Disco’ tour, the 2019 line up has been announced.  Bringing together disco legends for this unique arena concert, legendary acts confirmed are: Village People, The Trammps, Imagination featuring Leee John, The Gibson Brothers, The Three Degrees, The Real Thing and Eruption.

For over four decades disco has ruled the charts and dance floors and is currently stronger and more popular than ever! The ‘40 Years of Disco’ show is a high-energy hits only live extravaganza!

Firstly, how has your day been so far? 

Well, we’ve just flown in from Amsterdam, so we are getting ourselves settled in the hotel so we can now proceed to do what we came here for! 


Have you been busy this week?

Very. We’ve just finished a short tour of Holland. 


How did the tour go?

Fantastic! Prior to that we did about five or six days in Edinburgh with Alan Steward, and prior to that we were in Japan. 


Oh my gosh! 

So, we’ve been running since the middle of February. 


How was Japan?

Oh, very cold, but very successful!


I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the tour dates so far.

Oh yeah.


So you’re coming to Birmingham for ‘40 Years of Disco 2’ at the end of March, which I am super excited about. 

Yes! We are too. 


How do you feel about performing as part of such an incredible line up?

It’s good when you do these kinds of shows, because you get to hang out with your friends. Normally they’re some place else and you’re passing like ships in the night, you know? So when we get the opportunity to work together it’s always fun. 

Have you ever performed with any of the other headliners before?

All of them! Actually – all except the Village People. I don’t think we’ve ever performed with them before. 


It’s set to be an incredible night. 

Yes – and we love coming to Birmingham, of course. 


You’re also coming again to Birmingham later in the year for an event at The Jam House, is that right?

Yes, we loooove The Jam House. 


That will be a nice contrast to the huge arena shows, as it’s a more intimate venue. 

Yes, each show is different, and we enjoy both intimate shows and big arenas because of the difference. Places like The Jam House give you an opportunity to view faces. The big, huge concert halls are like massive walls of people and when they get together and start singing it reminds you of a typical soccer game. It has a very good feel to it too. 


It must be such an amazing feeling to have an entire arena singing back to you. 

It is – we just experienced that in Amsterdam because we were doing very large concerts at theatres. When they were singing out, it was almost like we didn’t need to, because they were so loud! 


You’ve enjoyed such an incredible career throughout the years, is there a particular highlight for you? Is there a particular show or event that stands out?

I go with the 50 years that I’ve been here – it would definitely have to be the Royal Albert Hall, because that’s a mind-blower right there. [Laughs] You look out over the sea of people and see all of those people sitting there; it’s an amazing experience. We had the opportunity to perform there with the Philharmonic Orchestra, and when you have that wall of sound behind you, it’s mesmerising. Having the people in front of you singing to you as well…it was just really great.


You’ve performed for the Royal Family before and of course have been described by Prince Charles as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ – how did this feel?

[Laughs] We can only hope that we are still Charlie’s Angels. It has been quite some time now. 


I’m sure you still are. [Laughs] Do back-to-back tour dates seem like second nature to you now?

Well, now, as long as they give me a comfortable bed and I get a chance to eat and a little bit of rest, it’s all okay. It can get kind of hectic sometimes, and these little things are sometimes overlooked and you become overloaded. Then you cant sing because you’ve lost your voice…and you’re catching a cold because you’re over tired…then they realise oh they’re not robots, they are humans! You have to remind them every now and then. 


Oh, of course! You need your downtime too. 

Yeah! Just a minute or two to breathe, you know? [Laughs]


You joined the group back in the 60s– 

–1967, yeah.


Do you think you’ve changed as a musician since these earlier days?

I would say I’m more mature and more confident now. Because, at the beginning you’re testing things and trying to find out what your sound is, you know? We were very young – we were in our 20s – so, you developed over time. It has given me the opportunity to watch my own self, kind of, grow. 

The beauty of The Three Degrees is that your vocals harmonise so perfectly together. How do you find working on the vocal arrangements in the group?

It’s kind of natural because we have a first soprano, a second soprano and an alto, so you already know where you’re going to be on the scale. It’s just a matter of working out when you’re going to have harmony, and where you’re going to have unison, or where the lead will take over…things like that when you’re structuring a song. 


40 Years of Disco is set to be a fabulous event – what does the unison of legendary acts mean to you?

I would describe the event as a time when you get to reminisce of days gone by. All the music you’ll be hearing is music you may have danced to in your younger years – for those in our era! Our music is very unique to that time frame, but will reach other generations – you can experience history.


You have such a diverse fan group with ages ranging from teenagers to seniors! What is it about The Three Degrees thank you think has such wide appeal and gives the group longevity?

It is fantastic, you know? It’s constantly renewing itself, because the parents are introducing the music to their children, and the children introduce it to their children and it just keeps going! You can take any age group to the show because our lyrics are not the offensive kind that you think every now and again you’re going to have to cover somebody’s ears! [Laughs] So the parents don’t have to turn red and be embarrassed because there are fowl words coming off the stage! 


Which is always a bonus! 


Grab your tickets for the event online at www.resotsworldarena.com now! 




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