February 2018 saw singer/songwriter Nadine Coyle announce the release of her new EP (via Virgin/EMI) and supporting UK tour, which will see the Derry-born artist perform the greatest hits of her former award-winning band, Girls Aloud.

Evie Kissack spoke to Nadine about her new tracks and how she found being back in the studio (after fan-girling over a coincidental sighting of Claudia Schiffer).

Interview date - March 2018  

How are you?

Well I’m currently sat in a café in London and Claudia Schiffer is sitting across from.

Oh my god, really? 

Yeah! I walked in and thought, “No way, is that her?”

Have you said hello?

No I didn’t! [Laughs] I just smiled.

[Laughs] How is your day going so far - apart from obviously seeing Claudia?

I’ve had a very, very nice day. A lovely morning, how about you?

Great so far, thank you! So, your new 4-track EP ‘Gossip’ is brilliant, I’ve been listening to it this morning. 

Oh thank you! 

How has working on the EP been? Have you enjoyed the studio time? 

I have loved being in the studio. We were recording in Brighton, and I hadn’t really spent much time before making the EP in this city, so it was lovely to walk around. There’s a gorgeous pier, and my family all came over, and it was one of those things where it was really busy and every weekend it was like, “Let’s go to Brighton!” so I have a new found love for Brighton. 

You’re coming to Birmingham this May. Are you looking forward to the tour?

Yes really, really looking forward to it. I did a show in Birmingham at the end of January, at The Nightingale Club – it was so brilliant. I had one of the best nights. The gig was brilliant, and it was great to have the chance to speak to people afterwards. There were drag queens on stage with us - I absolutely loved it! We stayed over the night in Birmingham and had dinner the next day I had such a good time. 

The tracks on ‘Gossip’ definitely have your trademark sound. ‘Go To Work’ a great high-energy tune, as is ‘September Song’, which is a particular favourite of mine. What was the song-writing process like for the tracks?

Thank you! There’s so many different songs and ways in which you can put songs together, and because I haven’t put any new music out in a long time it was important for me to create a bridge from what I’ve done in the past to the music I’m creating now. So I wanted to work on lots of different songs that doesn’t sound too dissimilar to some of the past stuff, and then moving on and making the songs progress and give them a personal, artistic approach as time goes on. 

You’ll be performing some of Girls Aloud’s classic hits on the tour alongside new tracks. Girls Aloud was actually the first girl band I ever saw live!

Aw, no way! Yes I will be performing some of the old tracks. That’s what it’s all about – the nod to the past and songs that sound so great that I love hearing on the huge speakers. It’s so great to have that element and be able to do that, and then being able to move on to the new tracks. There are just so many songs. I’m putting together the set list now and I’m like, oh my god how do I do this? I keep thinking, “Shall I do this one? Or this one?” and at one point the show had 23 songs, I thought I would end up on stage for two hours! But that’s a good problem to have. [Laughs]




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