The award-winning Birmingham Comedy Festival is back with another 10 days of cracking comedic entertainment (Friday 5 to Sunday 14 October 2018).



Evie Kissack chats to fellow Irishman and the king of facial expressions, Jimeoin, about his upcoming Birmingham show, and ‘dodgily spelt’ catholic names.  

How do you actually pronounce your name? My full name is Eibhlín so I get all kinds of attempts from strangers. 

Oh so like Siobhan with letters that shouldn’t be there? I’m not too sure of how my name goes myself now. So it’s Eoin and Jim – it’s a double barrelled name so James Eoin and I was always called Jimeoin – the catholic thing where they do the double barrelled name after the popes like John Paul…

So you’re heading to Birmingham Comedy Fest this October – I’ve been told you were actually born in Leamington Spa! Are you excited to head over this way for the event?

Headlining and everything! Yeah, that’s right I was [born there]. I lived in Lemington for about a year. I love doing a gig there – it’s very enjoyable. 

What can audiences expect from your show ‘Result!’ for those who haven’t previously encountered it?

They can hope for a laugh, really. They’ll be none the wiser at the end of it all. I’m trying to be on good form, get everyone laughing. I’m not preaching or anything, there’s no ‘new world orders’ I’m talking about or anything. 

Your comedy style has often been described as impeccably observational – commenting on the ‘absurdity of everyday life’. Would you agree?

That’s what jokes are, aren’t they? A thought that is turned into something – and you’re just being bizarre with it. Absurdity defines comedy in general I think, everyone does it, not just me. It’s just being daft isn’t it? [Laughs]

You’ve performed sell-out runs at the Fringe, appeared on Live at the Apollo, written and starred in your own shows, toured all over Australia – do you have a career highlight?

Oh, talking to you Eibhlín. 


Every moment is good. You just enjoy every moment – the big things are often a disappointment, it’s the little things - talking to someone during the day, you know. It’s all good.

It’s been a pleasure. 

You too dodgily-spelt Eibhlín! 

Go see the wonderful Jimeoin at Birmingham Town Hall on Friday 15 October for BCF performing his show ‘Result!’


Rob Kemp 

The brilliant and bizarre mind behind the critically acclaimed comedy mash-up ‘The Elvis Dead’ returns with a brand new show, ‘Rob Kemp’s Wheel of Shows’. Evie Kissack chats to the comedian ahead of his appearance at Birmingham Comedy Festival this October as part of the free half-dayer line-up. 

Are you looking forward to Brum’s Comedy Festival?

Oh, absolutely! It’s great, lovely. I’m currently at the Fringe and being part of this  – a festival where you’re surrounded by other comedians – is so wonderful. To have something equivalent to that on your doorstep is lovely. It’s great because when you’re gigging it’s a little bit of a lone journey, you see people briefly at gigs but then you don’t see them again. But a festival is great.


When writing ‘The Elvis Dead’ ever expect such a niche idea to get the response that it did?

I wrote it for myself, I knew that nobody was looking at me. It didn’t matter if nobody came, I was going to do a show that I was going to have fun with and I was going to enjoy doing the Fringe, ultimately. I knew there would be some people that would enjoy the idea, but I wasn’t expecting that it would be quite so well received more broadly. Then there are some niche ideas that go well, aren’t there?


Catch Rob and his ‘Wheel of Shows’ at The Victoria on 14 October 2018 as part of this year’s BCF 




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