Chasing Deer Midlands Band Talks London Life & New Music

This month we had the chance to catch up with the fantastic ‘Chasing Deer’ at their Management Launch event in London, where we got to talk all things music and how London life has been treating them. Originating from the Midlands, ‘Chasing Deer’ are set for big things with new material coming very soon…


1. What made you choose the band name Chasing Deer? 

CHRIS: 'A video of 'Fenton the Dog', with chasing deer through, Richmond park went viral a few years back, even Eddie Izzard and David Mitchell mentioned it on TV. We figured that tying the name in with that, would make us visible online, which seemed to work!'


 2. Who are your musical influences and why?

ROB: 'We are influenced by a wide variety of music, but essentially anything with a good tune! Between the three of us its anything from The Beatles to Glen Hansard.'


 3. As local lads, where in the Midlands is the venue to perform at? 

ADAM: 'The O2 Academy in Birmingham is always good fun as we get a big crowd. It holds some good memories as we've done Christmas shows and CD launches there, surrounded by our supporters. After a good few months away we're going back to perform a big show there early next year.'


4. You are currently promoting your newest album, ‘Rewriting History’. Tell me a bit more about the inspiration behind the album? 

ROB: ''Rewriting History' is our first full release, a six track EP that showcases the wide variety of music we create. Every track has a different inspiration behind it, but it was around the time of David Bowie's 'The Next Day' album, so, you can definitely hear the influences there!

'Rewriting History' was released in Summer 2015 and has been selling really well ever since at our busking spots, shows and private events. New material is on the way very shortly though, don't worry!'


5. Which artists or bands are you currently listening to on your playlist?

ADAM: 'With us all living together and fighting for different styles of music, we now have Spotify on shuffle. That way we get through so many different styles we wouldn't usually be open to, and we hope that that improves our musical writing style.'


6. What’s your earliest memory of starting out in music? 

ROB: 'I've been singing since the age of 6 and have enjoyed it ever since!' 
CHRIS: 'I started guitar at school at the age of 9, after playing air guitar along to the Countdown theme. My life has been no more exciting ever since.'


7. Do you think the Internet has had a positive affect on the music industry? 

CHRIS: 'In short, the Internet has clearly opened the world up to access anything you want, quickly and easily, you can communicate and collaborate with each others creativity. It means there are endless choices of new fantastic music, released every single day and musicians have a lot more control to produce and release things themselves. However, the Internet is so good that everyone stays at home to use it – missing out on live music as venues close down daily, and streaming free music rather than buying it. '


8. Could you tell me a little bit more about the inspiration behind your track, ‘Step into the light? 

ROB: 'Step into the Light was a song idea that came nearly fully formed overnight. It's written as a storyline about someone leaving a bar at night, and the rest is open to interpretation! It was the first full song that I wrote and the first single released by Chasing Deer. It's remained a favourite of ours and has recently won a songwriting award at the 'Open Mic UK' Competition. We also made a great music video for it which can be seen on our website'


9. As a band, where would you most like to travel?

ADAM: 'We recently travelled across Europe; busking on the way to a booking we had in Amsterdam. We had a great time meeting all kinds of different people so we're planning on returning in early 2017. In terms of touring we've looked at Japan as an option of a place that would take us out of our comfort zone and really inspire us seeing a totally different culture.'


10. What are your fondest musical memories? 

ROB: 'We frequently get comments about how we have improved someone's day, whilst out on the street from a variety of people, of all ages, and playing at weddings and parties are always special. But it's also so nice to play original songs and have a crowd sing the words with you, or to have people come up to you and say how much they love your CD.'   


11. How often do you rehearse? 

ROB: 'We play every day for at least 2 to 3 hours on the street, and then 2 or 3 shows on weekends. The best rehearsal is under the pressure of an audience. If we have new cover songs or new original material to learn we do that in between everything else!'


12. So, your now living in London, how is London life treating you? 

ADAM: 'It's a great place to be. We live in a great community in West London who really support and promote us, so we're getting as involved as we can with all of their events and opportunities. We do lots of sightseeing by performing at different sites around London and obviously there are just so many more people that can see our name around, so it’s a big benefit.' 


13. Are there any other hobbies or interests you all have other than music?

CHRIS: 'Listening to or playing music is the main one for all of us; Rob continues this with a prized vinyl record collection. I'm really into my extreme sports, snowboarding in particular. Adam enjoys watching the football.'


14. What’s the craziest experience you have had in your career?

ADAM: 'We like to really get into the music, especially at the end of a show with audience participation and go out into the crowd. Being an acoustic pop band - the breaking of instruments or throwing TV's out of windows may seem a little out of place. '
ROB: 'I have been recognised out in the middle of London recently, which was pretty crazy, as the people were from Israel on holiday and had arrived that day!'
CHRIS: 'It’s been great to hear our music played by the BBC, on the radio and recently by Touch FM too. We've had every song we've written played on the radio multiple times which is a real boost too.'

15. What are each of your most valued possessions? 

CHRIS: Believe it not, our instruments, as they are a big investment for us and also hold great sentimental value.


To follow Chasing Deer's progress and see when they're next near you visit: or find them on Facebook, Twitter (#DeerChaser) and Instagram.


Every Thursday they release covers of some of their favourite songs via their YouTube Channel - why not subscribe and support them.


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