Evie Kissack chats to renowned chef and owner of the Michelin-starred Carters of Moseley, Brad Carter, ahead of his appearance at the BBC Good Food Show.

You’ve spent time working in Marsaille, France and Menorca. How did the methods and flavours you discovered during your time abroad impact your own cooking?

I’m a Brummie born and bred! My travels have influenced my cooking as it should with a nod to traditions. My time in Spain has made me respect purism of ingredients. I love cured meats and I serve a full British version of them at the restaurant. 

The food at Carters celebrates the very best of British produce. Why do you feel it’s important to support local suppliers?

I have always had a love for the produce in the British Isles & British cuisine is now respected worldwide. I feel it's our duty to support local farmers, for our economy growth and carbon footprint. They produce a better standard of products by keeping operations small-scale and controlled…it's about quality, not quantity. Unfortunately, over time, this ethos has been lost in our heritage but we as the UK posses some of the tastiest foods on earth.

How are the menus at Carters created? Where do you draw inspiration from for your dishes?

I draw inspiration from everywhere in the UK; source visits, walks, nature, British culture. Wherever you turn there is something to inspire our menu, it just depends on how we interpret it into a dish. I love to use the best products, highlight why we like it, then do it justice in the cooking. 

What reaction or response do you hope your food produces from diners (aside from enjoyment, of course)? What impression do you hope your food leaves?

In a restaurant, you should always have something that you wouldn’t get or find at home, which also brings ‘wow’ factor. I don’t use silly gimmicks, smoke or mirrors in the dishes or presentation. Rather it’s restraint, thoughtfulness & work-heavy processing that focuses on the product & it’s source that should take centre stage. Hopefully, this leaves the guests questioning provenance & understanding the work that the farmers, growers & makers put in to produce world-class products for me to cook in the most respectful way. 

You’ll be appearing at the BBC Good Food Show this summer. Are you looking forward to the event? 

It’s great to be part of the BBC Good Food Show as I love supporting it & meeting new people who show an interest in my work & what our restaurant believes. 

How do you maintain such a high standard in your restaurant, worthy of a Michelin star?

The high standard is something that comes with our mentality to be the best version of ourselves day in, day out. A Michelin Star is an award for your attention and hard work that you bring to the restaurant as a team. We feel blessed for this achievement and it’s something we are very proud of.

Which particular dish do you most enjoy preparing from your menu? 

Of course, I love preparing all of the products on the menu but I have always had an affinity towards seafood. I love the natural beauty of something in its own shell or the pristine look of a whole mackerel at its peak of the season. The possibilities and variety from the ocean is very inspiring.  

What’s your go-to comfort meal?

Like I said, Brummie born and bred…so I do love a curry! I like authentic Indian food with precise levels of spicing. Something I enjoy most days off. 

What dish do you recommend customers try from Carters’ menu in the summer months?

In Summer our focus is on very light finished dishes. You’ll find ingredients such as English heritage tomatoes, Lichfield strawberries and of course, Cornish lamb. We BBQ the lamb and serve it with English peas in a modern style from traditional English flavours. 

What can you be found doing when you’re not in the kitchen?

I enjoy working even when I’m not in the kitchen. From visiting my suppliers to learning cheesemaking. Recently I’ve made two different beers for the restaurant, a saison and a sour style beer, which use ingredients which are staples of our menu. 

Finally, what attracted you to open your restaurant in Moseley village?

It was not necessarily Moseley we targeted for the restaurant. It was more a decision based on knowing we were opening our first restaurant so we started looking around the suburbs. We stumbled upon the Moseley site and said ‘That would be a great spot for the restaurant’ … the rest is history. It’s a great area with loads of Birmingham history. 

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