This month we had the chance to catch up with one of America’s top comedic female entertainers, Sommore, offers audiences a hilarious yet piercing look at today’s issues from a woman’s perspective. Frank and fearless, praised by critics, respected by her peers and adored by a diverse fan base, she performs her stand-up to sold-out audiences across the US and brings her unique style of comedy for the first time ever to the UK.

Interview By Charlie O’Neill
Thank you so much for taking the time to catch up with us ahead of your UK tour. How have you been?
As a person I’m grateful and as an artist… I’m excited. 
Tell me a little bit about your latest comedy show, which will be hitting the UK in June?
The comedy show that is heading over to the UK will be a combination of 25 years of comedy experience and my love for today’s culture condensed to an hour performance. I’m just really hoping that my passion for stand-up comedy shines through and is recognised.
What made you first get into comedy?
I have always admired the art of stand-up and have been motivated by artists like Joan Rivers and George Carlin. It was only right that as a young woman I had the courage to try it and 25 years later I still love it.
What inspires your material?
My comedy is inspired by everyday life and the way I interpret it in a comedic way. My material is forever changing because life never stops.
What do you love about being over in the UK?
The UK will be a challenge that gives me an adrenaline rush. I have always been attracted to the broad spectrum of entertainment in the UK and I want to prove that laughter is the one International language that can mesh the world.
Do you have a memory of a time when you’ve been in front of an audience and they haven’t laughed or you haven’t had the reaction you were expecting?
I think every artist will always remember that time when things didn’t go as planned. As an artist these are the moments that make you stronger. I did a show one time and the entire 1st row was blind. My opening joke was about how big my boobs were, so of course they couldn’t see them to relate, so I allowed them all to feel. It was a quick adjustment that made the set a classic.
Which comedians have had a big influence on you?
I am such a fan of the art of stand-up that I'm really influenced by people who are creative, physical, or clever with joke delivery. Joan Rivers had a big influence on me. Her presentation was second to none. She was also quick witted and always dressed to the nines.
On your travels, where would you say is one of your favorite places that you have visited?
I am big on shopping, eating and partying. I loved visiting Paris, but Las Vegas and New York City are a couple of my regular favourites. However, I'm looking forward to making my mark in the UK.  
In your spare time, and when not on stage, what do you enjoy doing? Any hobbies?
My hobby is probably working out. It’s a must! To be good, you have to feel good. I also love fashion, so shopping is a must too, as well as hanging out with family and friends.
A few more interesting questions…
What was your first job?
My first Job was working as a cashier at the hood corner store in New Jersey. It was my first experience with observing and dealing with people. People watching is a passion of mine, so it will always be interesting to me.
Name one pet hate or thing that really annoys you?
Men with high butts and stank perfume. Also, people staring, leggings with lent balls, chunky aerobic instructors …… Oh Goodness, this list could go on forever!
I couldn’t live without…
I can’t live without music… it drives me and shapes my world. 
The best thing about my job is…
The best thing about my job is the freedom to make people laugh. I also get to lie and make things up as I go along, which makes the possibilities endless. 
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