Our latest review on one of the best homecare cleaning systems on he market.

The Kobold Vorwerk VK200 is the ultimate must have homecare system and here at the Cornfield Magazine we had the chance to test out this fantastic piece of technically excellent cleaning equipment.

Known for its innovative products, Vorwerk, have a clear passion to create innovative products, for over 130 years. After testing the VK200 in our offices. All we can say is, wow, this upright Vacuum cleaner is powerful, easy to use, compact and highly manoeuvrable, making lives so much easier, making this the ultimate addition to your home.

The team were extremely impressed after having a demonstration to learn about all of the features that come with this work of art that uses automatic floor detection, where ultrasonic sensors detect the floors condition, which then is automatically adjusted to provide the right performance power to the floor setting, whether it’s hard floors or carpets, the VK200, can do it all. Considering our office is vacuumed on a daily basis, we were amazed at how much dirt remained within the carpet, when testing the Kobold VK200, leaving our offices with unbelievable results.

The VK200 also has an easily adjustable telescopic handle along with its lightweight construction and swivel/pivot joint, which is better for good back posture and the power switch is conveniently located on the handle grip. 

Other features include the vacuum’s remarkable suction power and maximum economy for first-class cleaning results, low energy consumption, if cleaning carpets, tiles or parquets. There is also the LED Filter level display, automatic start, stop function, plus, this vacuum cleaner is Class A energy efficient and is perfect for those of you that suffer with allergy’s. The vacuum, uses filter bags that are innovative and simple to set up, as demonstrated. Once switched on the Kobold FP200 3 in 1-premium filter bags unfold automatically, but also improve air quality for allergy sufferers. 99% of allergy particles will be captured leaving you with a clean house, with clean air.

The VK200 is an adaptable homecare system making this one of the most versatile you will find, using a variety of different attachments to suit all of your cleaning requirements. This includes the EB400 automatic electric brush attachment, which again is energy efficient, and is an intelligent way to clean, ensuring that carpets and hard floors are cleaned thoroughly, yet gently. The EB400 can only be described as simply revolutionary. The EB400 is the best at detecting your floor type, instantly.

The next attachment we were shown was the Kobold SP530 DuoClean, perfect for hard floors. This attachment can be used to not only vacuum hard floors but to also mop, all at the same time, saving you half the time. This can be used on parquet, laminate, tiles and stone. If you want to save time on your cleaning regime, then the SP530 DuoClean is for you. This is an effortless choice, especially when reaching those difficult areas, underneath furniture. Again, this couldn’t be simpler to use. All you need to do is moisten the appropriate cleaning cloth (dependent on floor) with 5ml of koboclean, topped up with water, then you attach the cleaning cloth to the cloth holder and insert into the SP530 DuoClean, close the air flap and your good to go.

Then we tested the Kobold VF200 carpet freshener attachment, which can be used on rugs or carpet, making our carpets stay beautiful for longer giving impressive results. This attachment is also made for hygienic deep cleaning and features an anti soil effect, whilst being maintenance free for a long service life and is TUV approved. Again, this is ideal as a 2 in 1 cleaning option that dispenses and massages a special carpet dry cleaning powder into the carpet for a deep clean.

We found it hard to believe that this homecare Kobold system could do anything more with regards to all of its features, well we were wrong. The Kobold VK200 also has a fantastic mattress and upholstery cleaning set, consisting of the Kobold PB440, which loosens pet hair, crumbs, lint and deep sealed dirt, working well within cars and on delicate fabrics, removing all of that stubborn dirt. The set also includes MP440 mattress cleaning attachment and the MR440 deep cleaning mattress attachment. Often we can forget to clean our mattresses and that’s where these two attachments will come in handy, playing an important role obtaining a healthy and restful nights sleep, deep cleaning the mattress surface.

And that’s not all; the VK200 also has a full accessory pack that can be used to target specific areas. The pack includes the SD15 soft nozzle, which works well when removing dust from delicate surfaces, using it’s soft bristles. Again we tested this on our office computer keyboards and it’s a ten out of ten from us. 

Then there is the CRV15 crevice nozzle set, which targets dusty corners, skirting, whilst catching drill dust. This is easy to use with its flexible joint and extension. The unique crevice tool also attaches to uneven walls. There is also the FD15 Flexo nozzle, the perfect tool for your homes cleaning cupboard and has many uses, from cleaning textiles, surfaces, cracks and crevices. Multifunctional and flexible, this works well on car interiors or curtains and cushions. Also, featured within the set are the ESS150/140 powered hose and the TR15 Telescopic tube, perfect to rid of those unsightly cobwebs from ceilings and curtains.

Overall, the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 is most definitely one of the best cleaning systems we have come across and can tackle a variety of different areas within your home. For further information on the Kobold Vorwerk products visit https://kobold.vorwerk.co.uk



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