Is it time to switch up the gears on traditional bikes? The Cornfield Directors review their experience testing out one of The Electric Bike Shop’s most popular products.


After opening the second branch of his Electric Bike Shop at Hatton Shopping Village in Warwick, entrepreneur Karl Haden was keen for us to test out the e-bikes on offer at his store.  

Having never previously ridden an electric bike before, Directors Richard and Sam were unsure what to expect from the experience. “I always felt e-bikes were a slightly lazy way of getting around, and didn’t require half as much effort as a regular bike,” admitted Sam, “that was before I tested one out for myself.”  

The truth is, as our Directors found out, that electric bikes aren’t a way to ‘cheat’ exercise, but can actually be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual rider. Power levels can be turned right down for riders wanting a bit of a workout, whilst those that prefer a little extra boost need only amp up the power. Electric cycling is certainly legitimate exercise, and can be used as part of a workout routine.  

Richard commented, “I can see how these bikes would benefit riders that have previously suffered with an injury – because of the adjustable power settings, users can find the right level for them and even continue to cycle after going through something like physio without pushing themselves too hard.” 

Sam also noted, “I’m not an experienced cycler, and sometimes I’m put off getting on a bike because I don’t want to encounter any difficult and steep hills. With an electric bike, I’d be able to ride up hills and still complete moderate exercise. When riding the e-bike, my joints were under no pressure and I really enjoyed the experience.” 

The Electric Bike Shop encourages customers that haven’t tried e-bikes to hire one before purchasing, and owner Karl is more than happy to give first-time users advice and a helping hand in the selection process.  

If you’re inspired to test out electric bikes and think they might be for you, pop in to The Electric Bike Store at Hatton Shopping Village and give it a try - the Cornfield Directors strongly recommend you do so!  

Unit 2, The Boulton, Hatton Shopping Village, Dark Lane, Hatton, Warwickshire, CV35 8XA 

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