Capturing the attention of the audience instantly, Wild Nothing headed onto stage at Digbeth’s Mama Roux – a quirky venue apt for this quirky band. 

I was first introduced to Wild Nothing’s music via their 2012 studio album, Nocturne. Instantly, I loved the band’s dream-pop, laid-back sound, and was intrigued by the nostalgic 80s vibe the tracks invoked. Jack Tatum’s vocals drift perfectly over the band’s instrumentals, made up of soft percussive beats, minimal synth and melodic strings. 

The hazy, lyrically deep tracks that make up much of Wild Nothing’s repertoire are wonderful to see live - paired with more upbeat tunes such as Chinatown and Blue Wings, the band deliver diverse and entertaining gigs. 

Performing songs from the relatively new album, Indigo, Wild Nothing combined acoustic guitars with a string section, introducing a well-received live saxophone solo into the mix that added another dimension to the band’s dream-like sounds and presence on-stage. 

The soundscape Tatum has created is both hypnotic yet relaxed – blending lo-fi techniques with wistful vocals. The crowd responded to the opening track of Nocturne enthusiastically, nodding along to the song’s catchy melody. For some of the lesser-known, newer tunes, Tatum managed to hold the audience, creating a contemplative mood that allowed fans to simply listen and enjoy the subtle sounds of the band’s records. 

At a Wild Nothing gig, you shouldn’t expect a lot of audience interaction, chatting, or small talk from the frontman. The band performs their tracks with little or no introduction, letting the songs speak for themselves. Enchanting orchestration fitted perfectly with the Mama Roux venue it was played in; the stage lit with blue lights, with a backdrop of fake shutters and climbing wall plants that suited the sleepy surrealism of the tracks. 

Despite the difference between Wild Nothing’s debut record, Gemini, and their 2018 album, Indigo, the songs that were played from both transitioned perfectly into one another, making Wild Nothing’s catalogue seem coherent and seamless. 

The mellow vibe of the evening, upheld by the indie rock band from Virginia, was introduced by the support act, J Fernandez – a great opening band with likeable, kooky personalities (that even asked for a place to crash after the gig!). 

Catch Wild Nothing on the rest of the tour for 2019 – more information found HERE.  


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