Founded  by  Ben  Branson  in  his  kitchen  in  the  woods,  with  a  copper  still  and  a  copy  of‘The  Art  of  Distillation’,  the  Seedlip  brand  continue  a  300-year  family  farming  ancestry  aiming  tochange  the  way  the  world  drinks.

 “What  to  drink  when  you’re not  drinking”

Seedlip  have  recently  launched  Grove  42,  the  third  non-alcoholic  spirit  to  join  the  Seedlip  family.  Grove  42is  a  celebration  of  the  orange;  an  adult,  citrus  blend  of  copper-potdistillates  including  bitter  orange,  mandarin,  blood  orange,  lemongrass,  ginger  &  lemon.  Sunshine  in  a  glass,  Grove  42  pairs  perfectly  with  soda  and  an  orange  twist.    

Our  Verdict

“Seedlip  is  all  about  the  flavours.  Drinking  a  cocktail  mixed  with  the  Grove  42  spirit,  it’s  hard  to  ignore  the  taste  sensation  that’s  happening  in  your  mouth!  It’s  clear  toThere’s  a  definite  gapin  the  market  for  high  quality,  non-alcoholic  beverages,  and  Seedlip  spirits  tap  into  this  niche  sector  brilliantly.  

"Maintaining  a  level  of  sophistication  that  is  often  lost  with  non-alcoholic  drinks,  Seedlip  is  a  spirit  that  allows  drinkers  to  revel  in  the  theatre  that  surrounds  cocktail  drinking. It’s  difficult  to  tell  that  you’re  drinking  a  non-alcoholic  spirit  when  you’re  drinking  Seedlip  –  the  taste  is  impeccable.

"Tasting the cocktails at The Edgbaston made the experience so much more enjoyable - the luxury of the setting was very fitting. The knowledgeable bar staff were on hand to answer any queries about the spirit I had, and created the drinks with precision and professionalism.

"Having drinks created before your eyes is a spectacle to be enjoyed - part of the whole cocktail drinking experience. That's where the Seedlip brand is really on the mark; non-alcoholic spirits are treated no differently to alcoholic ones in terms of quality and refinement, meaning as a consumer you thoroughly enjoy your beverage...both in taste and style.”


Orange  oil  &  mandarin  pith.  Top  notes  with  juicy  blood  orange  fleshy  undertones.  A  floral,  stalky  green  like  character  from  the  sansho  &  lemongrass  with  some  fresh  grated  ginger  notes  in  the  background.    


Continuous  delivery  of  bitter  orange  &  mandarin  moving  into  a  spicy,  grassy  middle  through  to  green  woody  notes  from  sansho.  


Clean  and  drying,  citrus  oils  are  full  &  long  in  the  mouth  with  bright  sansho  prickle  on  the  finish.  

The Cornfield Taste Test was conducted at The Edgbaston bar - a boutique cocktail lounge with a sophisticated, tasteful edge and relaxing atmosphere. 

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