West Mids’ singer-songwriter launches debut album 'Silence Set Me Free' alongside a gig at Kitchen Garden Café, Birmingham, 23 March 2018. We review the new tracks from the local artist...

Danielle Cawdell is a pianist and singer-songwriter based in Birmingham, UK. Her music is uncomfortably beautiful; piano ballads peppered with riot girl guitar noise all lead by her delicate voice telling hard truths. She echoes both the classic writing of Joni Mitchell and the contemporary emotionally efficient arrangements of Perfume Genius. 2018 will see the release of Danielle Cawdell's debut album, Silence Set Me Free, produced by singer songwriter Dan Whitehouse (Reveal Records) and Barcelona based producer Jason Tarver (Kylie/ Nerina Pallot / The Cooper Temple Clause).


“The album is an uncensored story, capturing moments and experiences, there is nothing that is held back or not shared. “I have stood as myself, for as long as I ever have through this process and not apologised once for expressing who I truly am through the songs I've written, co-written and performed on this album.” - Danielle Cawdell


Silence Set Me Free is the culmination of two years of writing. After finishing work as a Speech and Language Therapist, Danielle would go to the studio of West Mids’ songwriter and musician Dan Whitehouse where they would work on the songs together, experimenting with arrangements, and make sure the true message was communicated. The final ten tracks were then recorded and mixed by Jason Tarver, who also added delicate electronic sounds.


“Writing songs is something I have always done, but I never saw a path to share my music. “I went to a song writing workshop run by Dan, and shared my work for first time, this eventually lead me to the realisation I had to make this album.” - Danielle Cawdell


Dan Whitehouse has been a mentor, collaborative musical partner and co-writer of many of the songs, working tirelessly and generously with Danielle to create the album. An example is the song Brother, originally a tangle of raw emotion; Dan coaxed this into the song it is now, adding in sensitive guitar, helping to tell the story more vividly.


Album Review:

For a debut album, 'Silence Set Me Free' certainly has a distinct and palpable style. Beginning with a moving track entitled 'Pinch', 'Silence Set Me Free' introduces listeners to Danielle Cadwell's organic sound. The angelic tone of Danielle's voice is accompanied by soothing piano chords, with notes echoing Clanad's harmonious sounds. Heartfelt lyrics run throughout the album, particularly prominent in the second track, 'Future Gazing', which again continues the beautiful piano/vocal arrangement. 

Picking up the pace ever so slightly, and with an introduction of guitar chords, 'Fingertips' moves away from the seraphic sphere into a more gritty realm. The powerful ballad showcases Danielle's impressive range, and evokes a sense of sensitivity that is captured throughout the whole album.

'Shake' continues this theme, as Danielle seems to convey a stronger and more passionate determination both through the lyrics and the vocals. 'Brother', 'Affection' and 'Unfold' tread a similar path to the earlier tracks, making the album, on the whole, extremely pleasant to listen to.

The stand out track of the album is by far the very last song, 'Silence' - a captivating record that captures a great depth of emotions and ends on an empowering finale. Bearing comparison to Christina Perri's 'Jar of Hearts', 'Silence' reaches a climactic end as the artist urges her loved one's silence 'has set [her] free'. The album blends elements of Eva Cassidy's vocals with a definite allusion to Joni Mitchell's deep lyrics and raw tones, yet still holds an original quality. 

A striking album, and one that is definitely a credit to Danielle's blossoming career. 


Silence Set Me Free is out now via Heantun Records (CD and digital). Danielle is officially launching the album accompanied by her band (including Dan) at the Kitchen Garden Café, Kings Heath, Birmingham on Friday 23 March 2018. For tickets and more information see: www.kitchengardencafe.co.uk.


Friday March 23rd 2018

Danielle Cawdell

With special guest Rebecca De Winter

Kitchen Garden Café, 17 York Road, Birmingham B14 7SA

Tel: 0121 443 4725

Tickets £10

Doors 7pm


Tickets are available from this link. For more information about the venue, visit the website here.

Danielle Cawdell: Silence Set Me Free

Out now via Heantun Records

Formats: CD & Digital

Stream: daniellecawdell.bandcamp.com



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