On 26 January 2018, two of Canada's finest graced the intimate space of the Hare and Hounds. Jayda G, aka 'the disco house queen black girl magic' (as introduced in her Dekmantel Boiler Room set) was joined by Pender Street Steppers featuring Jack J and Liam Butler - a real musical powerhouse. The Steppers' own productions are unlike anything you've ever heard - textured, sensual, and something else that probably can't be put into words, but can be felt. We reviewed the night at one of Birmingham's most beloved venues.

The Hare and Hounds is a renowned venue in Birmingham, known for its jam-packed programme of live music events attended by dancing crowds fuelled with cheap beers. On a recent Friday night, the musical hub was taken over by Fight Night and Leftfoot, bringing the people of Birmingham their first show of 2018 - Jayda G and Pender Street Steppers. The sold out event seemed to be on everyone’s hot list, with an overabundance of ticket requests filling up the official Facebook page to see the all-Canadian headliners. The promise that the event would leave ‘everyone on the dance floor smiling broadly from start to finish’ definitely wasn’t a lie.

Unsurprisingly, the upper level floor of the Hare and Hounds was filled to the brim with glitter-clad disco lovers, dancing towards decks that had been transformed into a jungle-esque cove lit up by fairy lights. Kicking-off early doors with a set from Fight Night’s Myles Evans, the night started strong and ended on another level. The kind of event you never want to end-type thing. 

Jayda Guy, known in the music world as Jayda G, pleased the crowd instantly with classic disco tunes, dancing energetically behind her decks. The Canada-born music producer and DJ had the room completely filled with vivacity, the liveliness of her set list only part of the reason. Her mixing style is un-uniformed, seemingly spontaneous and infectiously energetic – it’s impossible to watch her DJ without wanting to move too. By no means playing it safe, Jayda G selected well-loved funk songs tunes guaranteed to make the audience happy rather than opting for lesser-known cult hits – unsurprisingly often a little crowd cheer would arise once a new song started creating a communicable buzz.


Producer and creator of her own music label, Freakout Cult, in collaboration with Fett Burger, the Canadian DJ has released a highly successful track entitled NYC Party Track (2015) and her first solo EP Jaydaisms (2016). Not fearful of using old-school techniques like crossfading, Jayda G oozed an effortless quality that was highly enjoyable to watch. It’s obvious she was completely in love with the music she was playing, which made it impossible not to please the crowd. 

"Jayda G is one of those DJs who everyone needs to see; in the flesh! Energetic, passionate... hell, the girl's even been interviewed by Vogue about her hair. Co-founding Freakout Cult with DJ Fett Burger and releasing numerous REALLY good tracks on the label, she's a woman of many talents. Jayda's only just got started too - we can't begin to imagine where she'll be this time next year!"

Accompanying the release of their self-titled EP back in December, Pender Street Steppers have pleased fans with a run of upcoming live shows to follow their Hare and Hounds gig. Co-founders of record label Mood Hut, Jack J and Liam Butler are known for their whimsical sets and ‘textured, sensual – something else’ that seems to escape adequate description. The duo’s crowd-reading skills are completely on point – the pair played tracks with undistinguishable layers that blended into recognisable tracks, before starting a new tangent of completely unique dance music.

Having not released anything for two years prior to their new EP, it was refreshing to hear the duo play their signature ‘hazy’ tracks. Like a breath of fresh air, the Steppers seemed to somehow capture a balance between chilled, breezy motifs and catchy beats to dance to. With elements of jazz, house, dance and funk it’s difficult to precisely define the duo’s sound – but however you’d describe it, it’s good.


 Working particularly well in the incredible intimate space of the Hare and Hounds, Jayda G and Pender Street Steppers presented by Fight Night and Leftfoot was a resounding success – meaning the promoters will hopefully return to the West Midlands soon for another first-rate collaboration.

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