This month we had the chance to attend the Arenacross at Birmingham’s Genting Arena.

Back on January 21st, here at the Cornfield Magazine, we had the opportunity to attend the Arenacross Series at Birmingham’s Genting Arena. Many of you may be thinking, “What exactly is the Arenacross?”… Well, it was everything we had expected and more, which can only be described as an insane, yet equally phenomenal event, also known as the indoor offspring of Motocross Racing, which was first introduced in America during the 1970’s.


 The event includes all elements of outdoor racing which mixed together forms a cocktail of racing ingredients, of which are all performed in arenas, with purpose built dirt tracks. It’s not all about the racing but also on viewing this spectacular event, there are a number of exciting triple jumps, killer mogul sections and extremely fast corners, which are all designed to produce an epic performance, as well as a thrill for all.

The Birmingham event was for Arenacross was in its third round after Manchester and Glasgow. From start to finish, the crowd enjoyed a spectacular evening of none stop entertainment. They also had the FMX riders showcasing their talents, also known as the Freestyle Motocross, where all the action takes place 40 feet above ground, where riders take to the purpose built ramps with each rider competing for the winning place by performing their best tricks and flips, all which take place above the track on 100kg motorcycles.



Overall this was a truly awe-inspiring and impressive tour. The Arenacross should most definitely be on your list of events to attend in 2018.


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